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Financial History Practice Section Members Added To Advisors4Consumers Listings


Advisors4Consumers (A4C) was created in April 2019 to give financial consumers free access to listings of local practitioners based on professional education activities. What's that mean?

A4C only lists advisors who show up for its classes, which are designed for investment and tax planning fiduciaries, advisors with a legal obligation to advise their clients prudently.  

To be listed on A4C, an advisor must pay for continuing professional education. Since financial product companies often provide free CE credits to advisors to take classes that sell their products, getting advisors to pay for educational content is a crucial filter for consumers. 

In addition, only advisors who earned more credits than their peers are listed on A4C. Only the top third of education credit earners last calendar year are listed.

Unique among websites matching advisors with consumers, only Advisors4Consumers is designed to refer consumers to an advisor based on behavior, knowledge, and professional study. We hope other professional education providers copy this model for matching consumers with a financial advisor consumers who they can trust.

Accordingly, Advisors4Consumers is pleased to announce that members of the Financial History Practice Section (FHPS) are now also listed on

Members of the FHPS pay $200 a year for four financial history classes annually on Simply paying for a financial history course demonstrates an advisor's commitment to learning lessons crucial in advising consumers prudently.

To be clear, free classes for CFP®, CIMA®, CFA®, and CPA other financial professionals are abundant, but only advisors who understand the value objective, scholarly research of financial history pay $200 a year for Mark J. Higgins' financial history course. Mark spent over a decade as a senior consultant to institutions managing more than $60 billion For the last three years, Mark has been researching and writing a complete financial history of the United States, which arrives in bookstores and on Amazon in Fall 2023. 

Financial product companies give free CE, allowing advisors to easily meet the CFP standard of 30 CE credits every two years. Moreover, A4A classes attract the most financially frugal advisors. Half of our users are CPAs! Getting practitioners to pay for educational content makes A4A The New York Times of CE/CPE providers.

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